The land
of wonders

Strano Film Festival 2018

The first film festival dedicated solely to the culture of the land.

Second edition of StranoFilmFestival
Capestrano - Valle del Tirino, Abruzzo (Italia)
23 to 26 August 2018

The short documentary film 'Nobody Dies Here' by Simon Panay (France) and the fiction film 'Anywhere' by Aleksandar Aleksic (Serbia) shared the prize of best film. The international jury was composed by Charlotte van Zanten founder of the RoffaMonAmour film festival in Rotterdam (Holland), Americo Maria Cicolani, film producer and co-founder of Locomotion Film (Rome / London), director Federico Francioni, winner of the first edition of Strano Film Festival, and Mark Anastasio, program director at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts.

Despite his young age, Simon Panay with 'Nobody Dies Here' has managed to delve into the contradictions of the human soul by offering a profound glimpse of gold mines in Africa. His sensitivity and his presence are close to the subjects without judgment, with empathy and complicity. With a poetic and essential script, however, Aleksandar Aleksic with the fiction short 'Anywhere' gave us a universal message. Although complete in its short duration, the film reveals a potential for development, with the curiosity to discover how the journey of Nur will continue.

Special mention to 'Azimut' by Emiliana Santoro (Italy) who, through the paradox of subtraction, recounted the presence of human space. The power of sound, an essential sign, depicts life in relation to the environment and the architecture of the city. The second special mention went to 'Plantae' by Guilherme Gehr (Brazil): through the use of animation, he showed us secrets of nature not accessible to human experience.

The public award went to the director of L'Aquila Cecilia Fasciani with the short documentary 'Broken Halos'.

Official Selection 2018

  • Anywhere

    by Aleksandar Aleksic, Country: Serbia
  • Azimut

    by Emiliana Santoro, Country: Italy
  • Back To Nature

    by Joao Pombiero, Country: Brazil
  • Broken Halos

    by Cecilia Fasciani, Paese: Italy
  • Che fine ha fatto l'incivilta?

    by Delio Colangelo, Country: Italy
  • Cousins of clouds

    by Romain Claris, Country: France
  • Crowded Sakeb

    by Rama Obeid, Country: Jordan
  • Halla

    by Kim Ekberg e Hannah Wiker Wikström, Country: Sweden
  • Heart & Soul

    by Julia Mariano, Country: Brazil

    by Riccardo Gaspare Contrino, Country: Italy
  • I Don't Know

    by Vivek Jain e Kirti Pherwani, Country: India
  • Il giro del musicante

    by Julian Civiero, Country: Italy
  • Il Grande Cretto di Gibellina

    by Petra Noordkamp, Country: Netherland/li>
  • La giornata

    by Pippo Mezzapesa, Country: Italy
  • La nostra storia

    by Lorenzo Latrofa, Country: Italy
  • Lead, Follow

    by Lu Heintz, Country: USA
  • Liborio: An Artist of the Solomon Islands

    by Elliot Spencer, Country: Australia
  • Mix Wildflower Seeds

    by Federica Foglia, Country: Canada
  • New World

    by Gianluca Abbate & Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, Country: Italy
  • Nobody Dies Here

    by Simon Panay, Country: France
  • Palingenesis

    by Nuno Braumann e Pedro Koch, Country: USA

    by Guilherme Gehr, Country: Brazil
  • Sen Adam Misin - Are You a Man?

    by Alihan Erbas, Harun Koybasi, Country: Turkey
  • The Pianist of Yarmouk

    by Vikram Ahluwalia, Country: UK
  • The Secret of Cactus

    by Padelis Paradisis, Country: Greece
  • The Stream VIII

    by Hiroya Sakurai, Country: Japan
  • The Voice of the Land

    by Carlo Bolzoni, Guglielmo Del Signore, Country: Italy
  • Torino '63

    by Noemi Pulvirenti, Country: Italy
  • War & Cheese

    by Ben Garfield, Country: UK