The land
of wonders

Strano Film Festival 2018

The first film festival dedicated solely to the culture of the land.

Second edition of StranoFilmFestival
Capestrano - Valle del Tirino, Abruzzo (Italia)
23 to 26 August 2018

The Open Call is closed!
Thanks, we received more than 1000 film.

Strano Film Festival is an international short film competition with 'the land' as its theme. Interpretation is up to the filmaker: working the land, migration from one land to another, the geological significance of the land, etc.

Will participate:
All genres of short films focused on this theme and of a max lenght of 30 minutes.

The festival embraces a definition of “culture” that includes the traditions, behaviors, and knowledge of a people and the land they inhabit. Their bold acheivements are products of a long history and accumulation of action and knowledge manifested through generations.
Agriculture is culture!