The land
of wonders



We love this land

The festival galvanizes interest and awareness in the region of Abruzzo and its beautiful authenticity. This is an ancient land of warrior princes, holy travellers, and in more recent times, emigration. This land of unpredictable tremors has seen generations of communities rooted in the know-how of the mountians and valleys that symbolize Abruzzo's heritage.

This is a festival for the land about the land. This is a festival for the people who remained, those who departed, and those who left yet chose to return.

Agriculture is culture!

The festival embraces a definition of “culture” that includes the traditions, behaviors, and knowledge of a people and the land they inhabit. Their bold acheivements are products of a long history and accumulation of action and knowledge manifested through generations.

Today intellectual arrogance distances us from these essential facts, breeding prejudice toward those who perform manual labor. It is time to abandon this idea. The work and the workers of the land deserve our deep respect and affection. We must nourish and protect the unique culture to which farming belongs.

“Braccia levate all’agricoltura”(Arms raised for agriculture) is meant to insult those who work the land as unqualified for employment outside of farming, as if this was a trade needing no prior knowledge, intelligence, or creativity.

The Festival wants to spur fresh ideas about how we live on and use the land in the contemporary world. We believe film can provide a starting point and a language of expression for this critical discussion.

For some, the land is a place of free movement and a source of nourishment. For others, the land is a place of difficulties and struggle. The current migration crisis shows, in extreme circumstances, the land can become an intolerable place that pushes people into the unknown.

Our fragile world endures degradation, deforestation, and development, suffers from climate change and the resulting extreme weather. Agriculture has been taken over by a desire for continuous profit causing a disruption of natural rhythms. Chemicals that assure constant income contaminate our soil and water, sometimes irreversibly.

Strano Film Festival celebrates and supports a different value of the land, one without exploitation and destruction. We are not an activist festival, but rather aim to investigate the realities of the land though cinema and inspire people to put forward new ideas and fresh approaches to our relationship with the land.

“Al fine di sviluppare nuovi metodi di comunicazione e intermediazione culturale per promuovere lo sviluppo delle risorse territoriali e umane, MAKS, l’associazione che organizza Strano Film Festival, crea degli esperimenti in un percorso formativo inedito e originale. Ciò si traduce in una ricerca che porti a una riforma del linguaggio dettata dalla necessità di recuperare l’autenticità e la nozione di un valore diverso da quello economico”.
Gianluca Fratantonio – Direttore artistico del festival.