The land
of wonders


Who we are

The birth of the project

Post-war emigration emptied towns and a terrible earthquake devastated the social fabric, yet the area remains a generous land that preserves essential values the festival aims to highlight. Gianluca Fratantonio, who conceived the festival, has worked in the field of art restoration and cultural heritage for many years. He feels the culture of the land is fundamental to a society's history and it necessary to give it the dignity and value it deserves. Elizabeth Tomasetti is an American of Abruzzese origin who is a scenic artist and painter in Brooklyn N.Y. She spends several months a year in the Tirino valley, enjoying and working on a house that once belonged to her great grandfather. Simonetta Caruso, is a photographer from Aquila. After the 2009 earthquake, she returned to the area from Milan, feeling a strong urge to be closer to the earth and the people who have a profound love for it. She moved to Capestrano in August 2016.

“The MAKS association experiments with fresh and original paths, aiming for new methods of communication and cultural mediation that promote human and local resources. By changing the way we express ourselves we can restore authenticity and meaning to the concept of “value,” one very different from the economic view.”