A festival for the land

The origins of Strano Film Festival are in Abruzzo, a land of unpredictable tremors that has seen generations of communities rooted in the know-how of the mountains and valleys that symbolize it's heritage. The festival galvanizes interest and awareness in the region of Abruzzo and its beautiful authenticity. A region which has safeguarded an infinite depth of  tradition and knowledge.

Agriculture is culture!


The festival embraces a definition of “culture” that includes the traditions, behaviors, and knowledge of a people and the land they inhabit. Their bold acheivements are products of a long history and accumulation of action and knowledge manifested through generations.

For some, the land is a place of free movement and a source of nourishment. For others, the land is a place of difficulties and struggle. Our fragile world endures degradation, deforestation, and development, suffers from climate change and the resulting extreme weather. Agriculture has been taken over by a desire for continuous profit causing a disruption of natural rhythms.

The Festival wants to spur fresh ideas about how we live on and use the land in the contemporary world. We believe film can provide a starting point and a language of expression for this critical discussion. We dream of communicating through a magic that regenerates life and, above all, community.

Al fine di sviluppare nuovi metodi di comunicazione e intermediazione culturale per promuovere lo sviluppo delle risorse territoriali e umane, MAKS, l’associazione che organizza Strano Film Festival, crea degli esperimenti in un percorso formativo inedito e originale. Ciò si traduce in una ricerca che porti a una riforma del linguaggio dettata dalla necessità di recuperare l’autenticità e la nozione di un valore diverso da quello economico”.
Gianluca Fratantonio – Direttore artistico del festival.