Welcome to strano

An international short film competition held in the town of Capestrano, located in the Tirino River Valley of Abruzzo, Italy.

August 22-25, 2019

StranoFilmFestival is a free international short film competition with a theme of "the land". This year, Strano Film Festival 2019, presents the sub-theme: land of the future. Strano will investigate experimental and unique ideas projecting hope for the land: agriculture, environment and migration. The land of the future aims to stimulate creative and unconventional ways of seeing, feeling and experiencing the land while intertwining tradition and innovation.

The festival will take place in Capestrano (AQ), a medieval hilltop Italian town, on August 22-25, 2019. Projections are hosted in the open air courtyard of the Piccolomini Castle. 

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